Why is Belafonte?

Belafonte is because we wanted it to be. We wanted to be in charge of the projects that we work on. We wanted to be in charge of how we spend our time when not slaving away over a project that should have been finished yesterday. We wanted to improve as filmmakers and give ourselves the freedom of deciding how best to go about that.

So in answer to the question that you didn't ask or care about in the first place, Belafonte is because we're two selfish, sexy guys trying to make a living doing what we want to do, the way we want to do it. It's been 10 months of hard but often fun times. Money (and the not having of) is always the biggest issue and we've almost reached the "point of no return" on several occasions. However, we're still here, battling through and trying to get some of our "dream projects" out into the world. Getting over the finishing line is always the hardest part.

A few people - proper independent onlookers, not just our mummies - have told us that we're actually doing quite well. Which is a strange thing to hear when you have to start putting £2 train fares on a credit card. Still, we're in the black and have borrowed very little money, which I guess isn't that bad for a start-up being run by two jokers with zero business acumen. "Just forget about the £500, Tim." An alarmingly accurate quote from a man who has been locked out of his bank account three times this year.

Shits and giggles aside, I'm proud of us. We've worked hard, maybe sometimes not as hard as we absolutely could have but at other times, harder than I thought we were capable of. I'm proud of what we've achieved so far... and the exciting thing is that there's more on the way. So if you like whisky (and what self-respecting, non-alcoholic doesn't), then erect your excitement glands and take off your trousers, 'cos shit's about to get real.

So in an effort to get this read by more than three people I know, I'm just gonna throw in some Google friendly words and terms - Sepp Blatter, how do rainbows work, where to watch the Women's World Cup, Park Christmas Hampers, Spider-man, Iron Man, Superman, Batman, Sir Harold Shipman, itchy nipples, Kony 2012.

The end.

Tim. x